Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of 360 images to my business ?

360 images and especially when used as a virtual tour, greatly enhance the online visibility of a business. It gives competitive advantage by capturing attention.

The ability to have a virtual tour can increase the likelihood of a visit in person.

Why use a Google Trusted Photographer ?

A Google Trusted Photographer has been checked and certified to do the work in the right way.

They are certified because they meet Google’s standards of quality for taking the images, editing them, moderating them and publishing them on Google.

What is the difference between 360 images, photo spheres and virtual tours ?

360 images are images that capture everything around them. That’s from the sky to the ground and all the way around. Photo spheres are just another name for those images.

A virtual tour is when you take a number of the 360 and link them together so you can have an online tour within a building. It indicates on the image by a grey arrow where you can go next. We use Google Map/ Business for virtual tours although it is possible to do with other applications.

What will be photographed ?

That will be agreed with you, but it is typically the main areas that the public would likely be in if they visited you in person.

How many images are taken ?

Working to Google’s recommendations a 360 image should be taken every 1 metre when indoors and every 3 metres when outdoors. For instance if it was a small shop then there may be 3 images from the road and then around 8 inside. The route of the virtual tour normally

What do I need to do before the photography ?

Have a bit of a tidy up and make things like as good as they can be.

It is best to do the photography with the minimum number of people around, whether staff, customers or visitors. Sometimes it is best to do the work outside of normal working hours or arrange for staff to be out of the area.

We can blur out faces, but it is preferred to not have to do that.

Does the client own the imagery following the work ?

Yes, following payment, image rights will be with the client.

What work is involved once the images are taken ?

Each image is edited. That will involve the colour correction and contrast adjustment, just as you may do with traditional image editing. Also the small area underneath where the camera where the camera sits on the tripod is also also blurred.

The edited set of images are then loaded onto Google. They have some basic geo positioning data, but each image is manually moved to the correct position. The images are then linked to form a virtual tour.

What else can I do with the images ?

You can use individual images on Facebook  and they can be added to your website if technology allows. We are happy to work with your web developer to support this.

Other social media platforms are likely to become 360-enabled in the near future.